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School District Boundary Maps

Map showing Collinsville school boundaries May 22 2024The Collinsville Unit 10 Board of Education has determined that all elementary school students should attend the home school assigned to their residence. School boundaries have been set by the district. If a particular grade level is full at a student’s home school, the district will transfer the student to the nearest school possible.

Questions about home school areas can be directed to the Student Services Office located in the Administrative Annex at 123 W. Clay Street in Collinsville (618-346-6350, ext. 4228).


SchoolSearch is an interactive tool to help identify schools of attendance in Collinsville Community Unit School District 10.

Please begin the search for your schools of attendance by clicking HERE

Begin by entering your address into the designated box to identify your schools of attendance. If you do not have an address or want to explore all schools, use the “Find on Map” button to go directly to the map.

Search Tips

  • Start typing the address from the beginning rather than copying and pasting.
  • Once you see the result you’re looking for you may click the result.

PLEASE NOTE: Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer Attendance Areas

The School District is divided into school attendance areas. Students living in a given school attendance area will be assigned to that school. In the event that a grade level is full at their student’s elementary home school, student(s) will be placed at another elementary school with transportation provided. The student’s enrollment date will be used to determine which students are displaced as well as which students return to their home school when an opening is available. Homeless children shall be assigned according to policy 6:140, Education of Homeless Children. Disclaimer

SchoolSearch is provided to assist the user in finding schools based on an address or geographic location. While every attempt is made to have the most accurate data, results obtained by using this application do not guarantee placement in any particular school. Errors can occur, and final determination will be made by the appropriate authority at the school district. Forecast5 Analytics and Collinsville Community Unit School District 10 assume no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the data or results of any search within the SchoolSearch application.