2016-2017 School Year - (PDF)
2016-2017 School Year - Espanol - (PDF)
2017-2018 School Year - (PDF)
2017-2018 School Year - Espanol - (PDF)


Annual school calendars are available for viewing as well as downloading. Two calendars are available based on the grading period schedule. The trimester schedule is designed for parents and staff at Collinsville Middle School. Grading at CMS is based on three periods ("trimesters") rather than traditional semesters. The semester schedule is designed for parents and staff of all other district schools (elementary, intermediate and high school).

The first and last days of student attendance follow a modified schedule. Please refer to the school schedule for the specific start/end times for each building.

In the event of weather cancellation days during the winter months, the school year will be extended by up to a maximum of five days.

Institute, in-service and school improvement days are used to provide professional development for our certified and non-certified staff members. Parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring to allow parents an opportunity to discuss the progress of their child in meeting the academic expectations of the school. Daytime and evening appointments are available to help meet the needs of parents.